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We need the Mexican authorities to move faster, efficiently and we need the truth to be told so unnecessary deaths like Evita's can be prevented.


Evita was young, educated and healthy, she conducted all the necessary research prior to her procedure and she did NOT die from an inherent risk associated with her procedure. The information she needed was not available to her..this was an injustice! How can we be informed patients when we don't have transparent access to the doctors that say they can operate!?


Ensure your doctor can officially prove his training and qualifications in the specific Cosmetic Procedure you will have done (no matter what country you are having your treatment conducted).

Find out what credentials a specialist needs in your country and check with the necessary authorities to ensure he has no negligence's associated to his name. Keep your body safe!!

Call the doctors university if you have to, ensure their training is thorough and officially recognized by departments of health and departments of education in your country.


This industry is not fully regulated yet (not in Australia, not in Mexico and not globally..don't be fooled!) and to be honest we still don't have the necessary collaborative set of authorities to fully determine safe doctors...we need more information...we need more transparency...we need patients to speak up and families of victims to investigate!

I don't advocate for patients to modify their bodies..but I do believe my sister and every other human out there has every right to do as they please with their already beautiful body..and they deserve to have access to the correct information of the doctor they choose...

EVITA'S DEATH WAS PREVENTABLE if only she had access to the right information...we will work hard to provide future potential patients this we never have to see another case like this...but please do your part as patients, do your part as doctors and do your part as the authorities in this matter...collaborate to create a safer industry.

We have full confidence that justice will be served here in Mexico.