American raised, Roseann Falcon Ornelas, died on March 26, 2014 at the hands of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr Victor Ramirez, undergoing a similar procedure as the latest Victim Evita Sarmonikas; in the exact same clinic. Roseann was was just 52 years old...and left five beautiful boys behind.

Belinda Falcon Muñoz (her youngest sister) writes:

We lost our dear sister Roseann Falcon Ornelas who was a beautiful, kind hearted woman. Roseann was a daughter, mother, sister, grandmother and dear friend to so many. My sister Roseann was a widow who was hoping to find some kind of contentment after losing her husband in June of 2013. Dr. Victor Ramirez promised her an altered image that would make her feel and look more beautiful; instead she lost her life on his operating table only days after arriving in Mexico.

Monday March 24, 2014 my sister checked into Dr. Ramirez’s clinic in Mexicali, Mexico. That evening he came in to see her to examine her stomach area where she was to have surgery. Dr. Victor Ramirez then began to make additional promises for a surgery we now know he was unqualified to do. He sold her on the idea of taking fat from her stomach area and injecting it into her buttocks to give her a bigger bottom. He then added more empty promises by saying he needed to also perform surgery on her back area to even out her body. In addition he advised he would remove some fat from her chin and believe it or not he was to do all of this at no additional cost! We believe he saw my sister as nothing more than a body, an almost faceless person who he could practice this surgery on. Although very nervous my sister agreed. She trusted everything Dr Victor Ramirez said to her as he was “supposedly” professionally trained and qualified. She paid him the cash in advanced as requested and he left.

Tuesday March 25, 2014 the nursing staff came in to get Roseann at approximately 5:00 am for surgery. After almost six hours of surgery she was returned to her room not feeling well and complaining that she could not breathe. Everything got worse from there. For the next 24 hours she continued to complain that she wasn’t feeling well and that she still could not breathe, time went on with very little or to almost nothing being done by his office staff, nurses, or Dr. Ramirez himself. The hours leading up to her death are almost unbearable to recall. She was in so much pain, she couldn't breathe, she couldn’t eat or drink anything and she could not bear to get up and move. My sister sat there in an infective mess of fluids and blood just oozing out of her body causing her to be soaked in her bed. And yet the clinic associates refused to change her bedding or help in any way.

On March 26, 2014 approximately 8:30 pm. Dr. Ramirez called a second Doctor for advice, he told him to transport her to another location for X-Ray’s. Roseann was then rolled away at approx. 8:45 pm. The next three hours seem to be the longest you could imagine. We asked several times where she was and what could possibly be taking so long….nothing is said. Finally at 11:45 pm Dr. Ramirez and another Doctor enter to tell the family that my sister, Roseann, has passed away. Dr. Victor Ramirez was evidently nervous and discombobulated. He continued to say over and over that “I don’t know how this happened; I don’t know how she got fluid in her organs”. The second doctor told the family to gather her stuff because we needed to go and identify the body.

My sister's death certificate reads she passed away at 10:30 pm. What happened from the time she left the room until the time we were notified is still a mystery. They refused to answer any questions. It took a week to get my sister out of Mexico. We had very little assistance from the local people around, the Mexican consulate or the American consulate. Everyone seemed to have a different answer to our questions and nothing was easily done. We felt alone and pushed out of Mexico. Since my sister had several children at home and family who were awaiting her arrival in the states we left Mexico the first chance we had. Looking back I wish we would have done more so Dr Victor Ramirez, his team and his procedures could be investigated and maybe somehow prevented this from happening again.

The night my sister Roseann passed away there was another family in his clinic that lost a loved one. And now the beautiful Evita is gone too. My heart breaks for what is left of the Sarmonikas. I feel we had a duty then but didn’t have the doors open for us to undergo an investigation, at least not the way they have been opened for the Sarmonikas family. Andrea assures me that everything happens for a reason and that now our sisters have teamed up in heaven to ensure this stops here. God has opened the door to help other women considering surgeries at the hands of an unqualified doctor.